6' x 12' Home Plate Hitters Mat - Green or Clay

Stock #: 417012BB
Price: $320.00

Product Description

One of the most popular mats on the market. A Super-Net super durable, easy transportable Home Plate Hitters Mat.

6' x 12' Homeplate Hitters Mat

  • 5mm foam backing.
  • All 4 lines are tufted in, not painted on.
  • Permanent home plate.
  • Available in Green and Clay.

Green Model #:417012BB Clay Model #:418012BB

*Artificial turf is considered spike-proof by the turf manufacturers. It is recommended that plastic or rubber cleats be used to extend the life of the turf. Use of plastic or rubber cleats will allow five to six seasons or more. Use of metal cleats will cut the fibers that hold the turf together and will decrease turf life to approximately one season.