Lacrosse Field Layout Set
Quickly and easily layout your Lacrosse field with this easy-to-use kit. Measure once and easily re-stripe year after year. 14 sockets Starter Tool 600' of twine Model #:LFLS $89.00
$89.00 - LFLS
5mm Lacrosse Net
Official size Lacrosse nets with choice of heavy-duty 7mm or standard 5mm netting. 5mm Model #:RLN5 $68.00ea 7mm Model #:RLN7 $97.00ea
$68.00 - RLN5
Custom Netting
Super-Net offers a complete line of custom protective netting to meet all of your Lacrosse needs. We use #504, 1-3/16" netting. Contact us to discuss your needs! **Minimum of $35.00 on all custom net orders. Not incl. shipping.**
Official Lacrosse Goal
Meets all NCAA and High School specifications Official size 6'H x 6'W x 7'D Orange powder coated finish for maximum protection Uprights and crossbar feature 2"HD galvanized steel Goal features one piece welded face, mitered corners and lacing rail 3/8" thick flat steel ground...
$530.00 - OLG
Practice Lacrosse Goal
Official size 6'H x 6'W x 7'D 1.5" powder-coated orange galvanized steel frame Net laces around frame face and ground supports Goal includes 5mm net and lacing cord Sold individually Model #:PLG $149.00ea
$149.00 - PLG