Pitching Machines

Integrated transport system Gravity fed feeder system holds up to 120 balls Recovery Time: 8 seconds Machine Weight: 724 lbs. Speed Range: 35-90 mph 5 year limited warranty Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/3 hp, Generator use 7500W CD 60"L x 29"W x 61"H Model #: ATECARM Call or email for...
$2,990.00 - ATECARM
360 degree left-right rotation Compact, spin-balanced single wheel design Recovery Time: 8 seconds Machine Weight: 94 lbs. Speed Range: 30-70 mph 5 year limited warranty Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/4 hp, Generator Use 600W CD Model #: AXIS
$1,725.00 - AXIS
360 degree left-right rotation and 120 degrees of vertical pivot Dual concave wheel design for maximum ball control Position indicators index pitch locations and changes Recovery Time: 8 seconds Machine Weight: 110 lbs. Speed Range: 30 - 100 mph Limited Lifetime Warranty Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/...
$2,499.95 - CASEYPRO3G
Heavy duty hand and arm system simulates wind-up and delivery just like a real pitcher from 25-85 mph. Operates on 110V power with 80' low voltage remote switch. Includes 4 wheel transport system. Ball rack holds 38 baseballs. Size is 56"H x 30"W x 55"L. Weight 480 lbs. (motor...
$2,525.00 - IRONMIKEMP5
Same as Deluxe Iron Mike except includes ball hopper for 600 baseballs. No transport wheels, permanent mounting. Weight 600 lbs. (motor freight)
$3,099.00 - IRONMIKEMP6
Throws overhand fastballs and split-finger fastballs up to 90 mph Portable and easy to move and set up - one person can remove the legs and load the JUGS into the truck of a car Special non-marking pneumatic tire Makes an ideal second machine for any program Great for offensive and defensive...
$1,950.00 - JUGS101
For Curvball, JR., and Combo
$525.00 - JUGS18BBFEEDE
Combo baseball and softball Quick change ball chutes Speeds 20-104 mph Throws various types of pitches Model #: JUGSCOMBO
$2,425.00 - JUGSCOMBO
Quick and easy speed adjustment from 20-104 mph Simulates both right and left handed pitches Throws various types of pitches Model #: JUGSCURVE
$2,075.00 - JUGSCURVE
Single wheel machine Throws speeds up to 60 mph Always-see-the-ball delivery system Ideal for pitching machine leagues Baseball Only Model #: JUGSJRB $1,225.00 Baseball/Softball Model #: JUGSJRSB $1,249.00
$1,225.00 - JUGSJRB