Softball Pitching Mats

Rubber mat with permanent embedded white lines and pitchers plate. Center line is the actual "power line" which indicates proper foot placement and balance.  Easy to carry Use virtually anywhere
$286.00 - CLUBKFM
Softball Pitching Mat
Lightweight softball pitching mat is made from artificial turf with non-slip backing that won't mar gym floors.  An excellent teaching aid for the correct move to home plate, portable, easily stored, and comes with its own carrying case. 3' by 10' Weighs 25 lbs. Regulation...
$185.00 - 417005
Softball Pitching Mat w/Strideline
Lightweight softball pitching mat with strideline. Strideline is tufted in, not painted on. Made from artificial turf with pitching rubber attached. Non-skid, non marking for gym floors. Portable with carry case. 3' x 10' Weighs just 25lbs. Regulation pitching rubber w/permanent...
$210.00 - 417010
This lightweight pitching mat will give your pitchers the feel of the real thing in the gym. Don't tape rubbers to the floor anymore, get our mat designed for any floor surface! It stays put during pitching practice, and its simualated rubber won't wear down. Plus the reduced rubber...
$118.00 - SSM-1145