Ceiling Hung Parallel Cable Kit

Stock #: CHPCK
Price: $399.00

Product Description

Cable system mounts high above playing surface up near ceiling trusses (or beams). Cables mount just under trusses and cables are hung downward vertically to the height of net. Spring snaps are provided to attach the net. On the top end of the vertical cables, we provide trolleys that enable you to easily slide the cage back and forth onto the playing surface or out of the way. Kit includes all of the hardware for a complete installation; 6 wall brackets and rear mounting plates, threaded rod, 1/8" cable (1000 LF), 96 wire rope clips, 6 thimbles, 42 trolleys, 84 spring snaps, 6 turnbuckles, and complete instructions. Net not included.


  • Simple to install.
  • Support system always ready.
  • Cables are mounted high above the playing floor just below the truss line, high out of the way of other activities.
  • Net slides easily back and forth on pullies for convenient handling and storage.