The JUGS Gun - Radar Gun

Price: $1,095.00

Product Description

The Sports Radar Gun that all others are measured by — the benchmark since 1971.

• Comes with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) state-of-the-art technology and is fully guaranteed for an industry-best two years.

• Guaranteed to have an accuracy index of ±0.5 mph.

• Measures both MPH and KPH. •Speed Range: 5-140 mph (8-224 kph).

• Greater distance range—up to 300 ft.

• Operates in two user-friendly modes—Trigger mode and Continuous mode.

Trigger Mode:Pulling the trigger reads the speed of the pitch. Speed remains on the radar gun for the duration you set in the menu. Default is 5 seconds.

Continuous Mode:Pulling the trigger twice reads the speed of the pitch automatically, then clears itself to read the speed of the next pitch.