Polypropylene Windscreening

Stock #: WSO6

For inches use the following: 3” inches .25, 6” inches .50, 9” inches .75

Product Description

Polypropylene windscreen has been the standard for many years. Available in open mesh (leno) or closed mesh. Both styles are very durable. All windscreens are bordered with a sewn edge and grommets all around. 6' and 9' heights are standard. Super-Net can custom make other sizes. Colors: Dark Green or Black.

Windscreening Product ID# Pricer per sq. ft.
6' Open Mesh (LENO) WSO6 $0.59
6' Close Mesh WSC6 $0.62
9' Open Mesh (LENO) WSO9 $0.59
9' Close Mesh WSC9 $0.62
6' Open Mesh (LENO) Blue WSOBLUE6 $0.46