"L" Shape Slip-On Replacement Nets

Stock #: SON6
This is a freight ship only product. For complete ordering and shipping information please call 1-800-955-NETS (6387) or request a quote online today.

Product Description

A Super-Net original, the "Slip-On Net" gives you double protective strength. All you do is slip it on over your frame, and you're ready to practice-no roping or attaching required. The nets are made of #36 weatherized knotted nylon, finished/bordered with 5/16" black polypropylene rope. Plus, Super-Net will custom-make any size, and any shape. Call us with your specifications, and we'll get started.

NOTE: L-screen nets require at least, 6 measurements (A, B, C, D, E, F). Fax or email measurements.

Sample Pricing:

Width x Height Model # Price
6' x 6' SON6 $60
6'6" x 6'6" SON6.5 $65
7' x 7' SON7 $70
7'6" x 7'6" SON7.5 $75
8' x 8' SON8 $80
9' x 9' SON9 $95
10' x 10' SON10 $100

There's no substitute for the original Super-Net slip-on replacement net!