Field Maintenance and Grooming Equipment

This all-purpose water hose is extremely durable & lightweight for easy handling. Weighs 30% less then red rubber hose. Constructed from high pressure, clear PVC featuring woven polyester cord reinforcements. Rated at 150 PSI working pressure and 450 PSI burst. Available in 1" I.D. only....
$325.00 - BLSHGK50
Breaks up hard compacted infield clays. Nails are 4" apart & offset creating 2" scarification. Add weight to increase depth. Includes wheel kit to adjust the drag depth & raises for towing. Steel construction.   3'L x 3'W Model #:...
$436.00 - BLND33
Optional: extra heavy chain link fencing for the Nail Drag (#FMNAILDRAG) attached to the back helps break up the larger dirt clods. Optional Chain Link: Model #:NDF $35.00
$35.00 - NDF
Rugged all rubber construction will de-mud cleats quickly to provide better traction. Can be mounted to treated wood and buried in the ground for permanent installation.
$27.50 - CLEATC
Constructed from natural cocoa fibers that "float" across the surface producing a beautiful finish with minimal movement and buildup of your infield mix.  Unlike steel drags, cocoa mats drastically reduce the accumulation of dirt when you're finished.  Flip the drag over and...
$173.00 - COCOA42
Designed for those small areas that are nearly impossible to finish groom!  Great for mounds, infield edges, base paths, on deck circles and any other cutout. The 24"W x 18"D mats are available in a high quality cocoa. The 66" powder coated handles & attachments...
$108.00 - COCOAMOP
This tool combines the 3-prong Cultivator with the Loop Hoe. The perfect tool for weeding and cultivating. Features an exclusive steel plug.  Model #:COMBOTOOL $38.00 
$38.00 - COMBOTOOL
Remove standing water from ball diamonds at twenty gallons per minute with the durable ABS constructed Diamond Pump. Base disk prevents worry from debris and pump is completely unaffected by mud.
$95.00 - DIAMOND
Diamond hose is designed for use with the Diamond Pump (Model#:DIAMOND). 1½" diameter for removing large amounts of water 50' Length
$98.00 - #DIAHOSE50
Double play monster broom comes with an aggressive scarifying edge for breaking up packed soils. 
$230.00 - DPMBROOM