Field Maintenance and Grooming Equipment

Thermoplastic construction features a rubber bumper guard to protect the housing; brass diffusers to allow adjustment from light mist to power jet stream. Comes in 3/4" and 1". Please specify 3/4" or 1"
$22.95 - HIFN
Keeps hose neat and ready! • 13 gauge steel construction • holds up to 200’ of 1” hose • 7’ inlet hose included • All brass/galvanized fixtures • durable powder coated finish • low center of gravity helps prevents tipping Hose and nozzle not included...
$349.00 - STADHC
Features heavy-duty aluminum handles and heads with large teeth on one side and a rugged leveling blade on the other. 24" - #:INFIELD24 - $46.00 36" - #:INFIELD36 - $48.00 48" - #:INFIELD48 - $58.00
$46.00 - INFIELD24
Dual action hoe cuts grass and weeds out by the roots with minimal surface disruption. Great on base paths! Heavy duty stamped steel head with wood handle.
$34.00 - 2WAYHOE
This broom is powerful and has amazing versatility. Heavy duty aluminum construction. Available with two bristles. Bristles are removable for easy replacement or for adjusting the broom's stiffness.
$165.00 - MBROOM
Takes the guess work out of mound construction - in 8 simple steps your mound will meet all regulations. All steel construction, sliding cross bar, pointed rods for proper height and radius points for the rubber, mound and turf edge.  6, 8 and 10 inch  models.
$225.00 - MOUNDB6
Heavy-duty field conditioner can be used two ways. With the bolts turned down the Field Conditioner easily breaks up the hard packed areas and with the angles turned down it smooths a 6 foot wide path. The Field Conditioner is designed to hold common 8” concrete block for added weight....
$280.00 - FMNAILDRAG
Reduce the time it takes to remove water puddles from your field. Puddle pillows can be used time and time again.  Simply place in standing water, when saturated, remove, squeeze dry. Pillows are seamed in the middle creating 2 "pockets" which allows the pillows to be hung...
$83.00 - PUDDLEP
A high quality, poly-blend powder-coating formula is bonded to the durable aluminum handles, providing blister reduction, a superior grip when the tool is wet and greater durability. The grips provide additional comfort and tool control. The bent "ergonomic" handles...
$89.00 - RSQ24
Features heavy-duty aluminum handle and 36" head, pointed scarifying teeth for more effictive digging. Also features leveling blade.