Installation Hardware

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Product Description

We can customize your hardware order based on your needs and specifications.

Most Common Methods of Mounting Cages to Cable System

Spring Snap SPRNGSNP .60¢ea
"S" Hook SHOOK .20¢ea
Plastic Tie  5-1/2" PLAST5.5 .08¢ea
Plastic Tie  10" PLAST10 .20¢ea
1/8" Wire Rope Clips WR18 .25¢ea
3/16" Wire Rope Clips WR316 .30¢ea
1/8" Thimbles TH18 .24¢ea
3/16" Thimbles TH316 .35¢ea
1/8" Galvanized Cable 7x19 GC18 .20¢LF
3/16" Galvanized Cable 7x19 GC316 .30¢LF
5/16" Quick Links QL516 .90¢ea
Turnbuckles Galv. 3/8"x6" HooknEye TBG386 $6.00ea
Wire Rope Cutters: Cuts 1/8" & 3/16" CUTTER $24.95ea