Iron Mike

Heavy duty hand and arm system simulates wind-up and delivery just like a real pitcher from 25-85 mph. Operates on 110V power with 80' low voltage remote switch. Includes 4 wheel transport system. Ball rack holds 38 baseballs. Size is 56"H x 30"W x 55"L. Weight 480 lbs. (motor...
$2,525.00 - IRONMIKEMP5
Same as Deluxe Iron Mike except includes ball hopper for 600 baseballs. No transport wheels, permanent mounting. Weight 600 lbs. (motor freight)
$3,099.00 - IRONMIKEMP6
Same as MP-6 except includes extra reinforcement on the frame of the machine to protect against batted balls. Also includes positive feed ball delivery. Weight 625 lbs. (motor freight)
$3,445.00 - IRONMIKEMP4